For Phoenix cool deck repairs, allow Neighborhood Remodel to provide a bid. We will carefully inspect your existing cool deck area for a competitive quote. Do you have questions about your cool decking? We are here to help!

When cool deck, also referred to “kool” deck, becomes blistered, broken or chipped, it can be unsafe. It does not look good and it may result in more decay if not cared for. The Cool Deck Man can beat the competition-And provide a longer lasting finish.

Does 40 years of experience help in the coating industry? We believe it does. Our knowledge of chemical composition allows us to provide our customers with the proper mixture. There are many ingredients in cool deck coatings so the proper blend of Titanium Dioxide, acrylics, and bonding agents is important.

Our coatings act like super glue for a number of reasons. First, we prepare the surface extensively. When required, the use of acid etching is applied. Your new coating is poured, pressed, and rolled deep into each pore of the repaired decking. It is now locked together, however, we introduce another coat as well. The new waterproof surface is now cooler because of its raised texture. It is also easier to clean.

Did we mention our 3 Year warranty? If any repairs are necessary, we will fix them for free!




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