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The owner, George Lindell, has been painting since 1979. He knows paint and how to make the finish last.

Says George:

“There are just two types of paint, that’s all there really is. Acrylic and vinyl. Acrylic was invented by Dow Chemicals and DuPont in the 60’s. They pretty much manufacture all paints. Vinyl paints are the original water based paints used when many paints were oil based, back in the day- when my father and grandfather were painting in Chicago.

Most all house paints are a combination of these two, vinyl being the less expensive. Acrylic is the best. Interior paint is mostly vinyl while exterior paint is mostly acrylic.  Every name brand is made by the same corporation; they can buy everything in whatever proportion they want. DuPont also provides them with every available additive.

We use 2 times the amount of paint needed, and we use 100% acrylic paint and primer in one, the best paint you can buy. I buy large amounts of paint, thousands of gallons at a time, so our work is the best and longest lasting. We also offer a far better guarantee compared to other painters. For ordinary houses that need 20 gallons of paint, I use 40 gallons because I can! The work can last 3 times longer, and we can afford to do a much better job than our competition. We believe that you will get the best value with us.”

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